Pension Funds Risk

We support and guide Pension Funds Trustees (and sponsors) in managing risks.

Let us help you to assess your scheme’s vulnerability to cyber threats. For an initial assessment, complete our:

Pension Cybercrime Vulnerability survey

What we do

  • Develop or confirm your risk philosophy or strategy
  • Identify suitable processes to prioritise key risks (including maximising value from a risk register)
  • Review and monitor the control mechanisms which mitigate these key risks
  • Benchmark risk management practices against the market-place, using our 2017 Risk Management survey
  • Ensure an appropriate early warning system is in place to identify potential areas before they become a problem
  • Respond to specific pension risk issues (e.g. Integrated Risk Management, data protection, cyber risks, etc.)

Focus areas: Trustees

1. Ensuring the right risk culture exists

  • what are the Trustees’ views on managing risk?
  • How seriously is risk management being taken?

2. Developing a cost-effective risk process

  • e.g. how do Trustees consistently and objectively measure risks?

3. Implementing an appropriate risk infrastructure

  • e.g. what is the best approach to measuring and controlling risks?
  • Who is personally accountable for managing pension risks?

Answering each of the questions positively means that you have a very effective risk management programme. If not, there is work to be done!

How we work: our services

Recognising that every client is different, we structure our services into six modules, allowing you to choose the level of service you need.

We hold an initial meeting to discuss your specific needs regarding pension risk management going forward, then customise our services appropriately, based on the modules below.

Trustee alignment
Risk register
Risk advisor
Risk revamp
Assurance services
Advisory support
Trustee alignment
  • Trustees complete our electronic survey
  • We analyse the survey results
  • We present result to a Trustee workshop
Risk register
  • Review current Risk Register (layout risk, scoring, prioritisation, controls, etc)
  • Provide detailed report suggesting areas for change
Risk advisor
  • Ongoing support (including quarterly updates of Risk register)
  • Regular updates of market best practice
  • Annual workshop for Trustees on risk management
Risk revamp
  • Full retailed review of risk management programme
  • Evaluation of strategy, approach, risk assessment and mitigation
Assurance services
  • Detailed audit of risk management
  • The scheme’s governance programme
  • Effectiveness of how risks are being mitigated via the use of control mechanisms
Advisory support
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • GDPR and cyber-security assessment- Covenant discussions
  • General project and change management support

Contact us

Andrew Penketh
Andrew Penketh
Partner, Head of Pension Funds