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Master Trust Advisory and Assurance

Industry leading expertise for your Master Trust.

We have led the evolution of assurance and advisory services for master trusts, supporting our clients in a range of services.

Our in-house expertise, which combines dedicated DC and master trust regulatory experience with specialist assurance services is truly unique.

We have led on a number of important industry initiatives including Chair and secretariat of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) master trust working group, working in consultation with the Pensions Regulator and leading on and drafting the latest Master Trust Assurance Framework.

We work with and support leading master trusts providing bespoke audit and independent external assurance solutions, including the annual financial statements audit and the master trust AAF assurance accreditation.

Our thorough knowledge of the regulatory framework, legislation and codified standards helps ensure that we provide master trusts with robust spectrum of services ranging from:

  • Master Trust assurance reporting (in accordance with AAF 02/07).
  • Bespoke assurance services and agreed upon-procedures to support submission of applications for master trust authorisation and ongoing annual supervision.
  • Provide independent external assurance for the design and effectiveness of systems and processes.
  • Value for money modelling and reporting.
  • Governance review and best practice disclosure including Chair’s Governance reporting.

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Andrew Penketh
Andrew Penketh
Partner, Head of Pension Funds