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We provide advice and support to manufacturing and engineering businesses.

Manufacturing 2019 survey launched

Crowe and CBM value your views on the trends that are shaping the manufacturing industry and the opportunities and challenges that the sector faces.

This survey will gauge the opinion of those who work in the industry on key issues such as Brexit, Industry 4.0 and key concerns facing businesses. The results will be shared in our inaugural report.

Manufacturing news - Autumn 2019

Whilst we have been busy over the summer working with The University of Birmingham and National Rail Alliance on Brexit preparation for the transport and manufacturing sectors, our manufacturing team recognise that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This edition features articles on forward looking matters focusing on and the opportunities and challenges that businesses within the sector may face.

Download Manufacturing - Autumn 2019 [pdf]
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Growth strategies
  • Growth strategy planning
  • Customer and sector diversification
  • Raising finance
  • Institutional investment
Maximising potential
  • Profitability strategies
  • Cost minimising
  • Succession
  • Recovery mapping
Overseas growth
  • International branched
  • Trading partnerships
  • Exports to high growth emerging markets
  • Advising on overseas expansion, structure and profit repatriation.
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  • Business Sales
  • Business acquisitions
  • Maximising capital allowances on:
    • machinery
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    • fixtures
  • Registered auditors
  • Computerised, paperless process
  • Highly reputable audit team

Championing the sector

Sector lobbyists with Local Economic Partnerships, Regional Development Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, and Local and central government. Fostering links with UKTI via Chambers of Commerce to leverage government incentives for our clients. Through our extensive Crowe Global network, we offer a global team of experts to advise you on local opportunities. 


Case Studies

Many of our partners and staff have manufacturing and engineering backgrounds, giving us an understanding of and empathy with the challenges that the sector faces.

Food industry case study: growth, acquisition and consolidation

This company, owned by two individuals, manufactured containers for the food industry. The process involves use of presses that have to be kept hygienically clean and automation of production to enable 24-hour working at minimum cost.

We conducted a strategy session with the client. On the basis of this, they formulated a growth plan that aimed for growth. This culminated in the company, whose turnover had doubled, to successfully buy out a larger competitor.

We assisted in the transaction support associated with the acquisition and the subsequent restructure of the resultant business, which moved from three manufacturing facilities to a single, new purpose-built one, harvesting over £2m EBITDA in synergy savings.

The group was eventually sold for a record sum in the industry.

What we did

  • Strategic advice: helped the owners communicate their business plan to management and to make key strategic decisions.
  • Advice on serial acquisitions and the problems of integration of staff and processes.
  • Supported and advised on their major buy-out transaction by analysing the assets and balance sheet of company they eventually took over.
  • Assisted the client’s closure of three manufacturing facilities and moving into a single new one without adversely affecting either production or customer supply.
  • Supported their final major sale transaction.
Engineering case study: restructuring for success 

A precision engineering group in the automotive and aerospace supply chain had operated successfully for many years, but by 2007 had experienced a very sudden drop in sales due to the sudden suspension of production at two major clients.

We persuaded the owners not to inject money to meet the short term cash flow need, as it would be soaked up in redundancies rather than supporting the business.

We recommended that a new company be formed, the existing ones they currently traded under being allowed to fail, and that fair market value be paid to acquire the machinery. We helped the new client shape a new winning company strategy that was both affordable and viable.

We were alongside the client during hard negotiations with their bankers, asset financiers and their landlord to secure the machinery, premises and working capital, and the new company entered 2008 with fresh finance, a clear business strategy and a workforce appropriate to the expected future trade.

Today, that company goes from strength to strength, earns good profits, generates cash and regularly wins industry accolades.

We continue to act for the client in a compliance and strategic capacity also and have advised on a series of R&D tax claims too.

What we did

  • Strategic planning, including assessing future competitive advantage.
  • Financial modelling.
  • Supporting the successful corporate restructure, especially where there are significant employment issues.
  • Negotiated with asset financiers.
  • Research and Development tax claims.
Forging case study: audit brings to light swift savings

Our client was consistently breaking even or losing money. We carried out a ‘waste audit’ that quickly revealed a major issue with rejects, due to overheating of the forgings, an issue which was resolved by the installation of thermostats at a cost of around £100.

The first year savings in energy costs, combined with the savings on production and a more energised and focused management team, has resulted in this company being the main cash generator of a fast growing group.

The owners were impressed enough to ask us to advise on their acquisition programme. We continue to advise the group on acquisitions, corporate finance and due diligence as well as compliance of course. In addition, we have successfully conducted a series of successful R&D tax claims for group members.

What we did

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