group discussion

Trustee Essentials

Location: Cheltenham
Start Date:

09/09/2021 09:00

End Date:

09/09/2021 13:30

Industries: Non Profits
group discussion
Giving Trustees the knowledge they need

Press coverage continues to shine a light on charities, their culture and the central role of their Trustees. With the introduction of the Charity Governance, Fundraising, Ethical and Digital Codes, legal changes such as the automatic disqualification rules and the focus on charities’ accountability, the need for Trustees to keep themselves updated on their responsibilities has never been more important.

Our Trustee Essentials course will highlight and emphasise the key responsibilities of a charity Trustee, the important current issues for charities and what Trustees need to be focusing on now and in the future.

What we will cover

This course is run by our Non Profits team and will help Trustees tackle the increasing pressures and demands placed on their role, including but not limited to:

  • what Boards need to focus on to meet new challenges, changing regulations and greater scrutiny
  • 'apply or explain' recommendations and the Charity Governance Code
  • understanding charity accounts and reports and making them tell the story
  • risk management as a strategic enabler for charities
  • developing a reserves policy and managing reserves effectively
  • emerging issues update. 


There is no cost to attend this event. 

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