Lion Savannah

Protecting the firm

Location: Worcester
Start Date:

22/11/2019 08:30

End Date:

22/11/2019 13:30

Services: Advisory
Lion Savannah
Six issues that need your attention

Law firm leaders and compliance officers continue to be faced with people, risk and strategic challenges.

From the threat of fraud and cybercrime, to changes in tax legislation and the question of how to retain the best talent, we are often asked by our clients ‘what would you do?

In six punchy, concise and informative sessions, this free half day conference will cover the areas we consider to be key to the protection and success of your firm.

What we will cover

This relaxed half day event is designed to highlight six key areas which we believe are key to protection and compliance in the current climate – from recent developments in VAT and employment tax to protection against fraud and the key questions that should be on the agenda of every management team.

Each short session will leave you with key action points for you to take back to your firm.

Who should attend

This event is valuable for anyone tasked with the management and growth of a law firm, including managing and senior partners, compliance officers, practice managers, finance directors and other team members with management responsibilities.


There is no cost to attend this event.



For further information, please contact Nathan Sanghera.