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Non Profit breakfast briefing: Refreshing risk management

Location: London
Start Date:

12/11/2019 08:30

End Date:

12/11/2019 10:15

Industries: Non Profits
people in work in offices

Our popular breakfast briefings covering topical matters and technical developments likely to cause an impact in the sector in 2019.

How can charities get the most from their risk management? Risk is unavoidable and those organisations that will succeed in these uncertain times are those that manage their risk within their risk appetite levels and those who take opportunities focusing on both value creation and value protection.

This session will explore risk management techniques to maximise the realisation of opportunities towards achieving your vision and how to explore how charities are setting their risk appetite.


  • 08:30 Registration and breakfast
  • 09:00 Briefing starts
  • 10:15 Briefing ends


There is no cost to attend these briefings. 

Note: we limit attendee numbers to provide a forum for discussion amongst participants, so please sign up as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Other topics and dates

Data Analysis for Charities - 27 February: 8.30 - 10:15

The volume of data which is open and available to organisations presents considerable opportunities and challenges – both in terms of its usage and its management. The seminar will consider different approaches and techniques, along with case studies of how charities have been using data and key aspects to consider when becoming a data driven organisation.

Reporting outcome and impact - 28 March: 8.30 - 10:15

It is clear that the operating environment for charities is more demanding than ever with increasing regulation, falling income and increasing costs. There is also greater scrutiny by the media and through social media. Measuring impact is an important means of persuading or communicating with donors and demonstrating accountability to stakeholders. It can, however, be complex. In this session we will explore impact reporting as an important tool for enabling organisations to improve their strategic and operational decision making by aligning these with the charity’s strategic objectives.

Culture and behaviour - 12 September: 8.30 - 10:15

Now more than ever charities are focusing on results, reducing costs and focusing on efficiencies. Over the last couple of years there has been a greater focus on governance for charities. While codes and rules are essential, Board culture is integral to an organisation’s governance and influences the way the board carries out its work and shapes performance. This session will explore board culture and gives tips on how to increase your board’s ability to work as a team.

Managing investments - 24 September: 8.30 - 10:15

In these uncertain times charities need to consider a number of questions.

  • Are our investments delivering what they should?
  • Is our Investment Policy Statement ‘fit for purpose’?
  • How do we assess and select investment advisors?
  • Would our processes and procedures stand up to independent scrutiny?

We will discuss the steps required to evidence sound governance and how to identify the important issues when sourcing investment solutions and managing risk.

The innovation revolution or evolution? - 3 October: 8.30 - 10:15

The charity sector is facing a multitude of challenges. It is important for charities to focus even more on the need to adapt and innovate to reach their objective of raising funds and delivering services to the people that need it the most. However, innovation need not be re-writing the script and starting from scratch. An evolution of current practices and processes can be extremely effective. In this briefing we will discuss innovation and how charities can harness new and better ways through incremental changes to achieve the charity’s strategic mission and deliver impact.


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