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COVID-19 financial reporting issues for charities

Practical solutions to the accounting issues charities are facing.

Location: Webinar
Start Date:

18/05/2020 09:30

End Date:

18/05/2020 10:45

Industries: Non Profits
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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted most charities and the immediate issue for many has been keeping people safe, remaining viable and managing uncertainty. At the same time charities are having to think about more mundane issues such as their annual accounts and Trustees’ reports.

Many of the reporting challenges facing charities are unprecedented and there will be a need to consider the financial reporting implications and how to explain the risks and uncertainties including going concern issues.

What we will cover

We run helplines for sector umbrella groups and have answered many of the practical questions which charities are facing. This webinar will explain how to apply the accounting rules in a way that makes sense for your charity.

We will do more than detail the issues, discussing:

  • practical solutions
  • what we are seeing as sector practice
  • how charities are having to rethink what they say and how they say it

There will also be time for Q&A and to hear what your peers are thinking and doing.


There is no cost to attend this webinar.

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Naziar Hashemi
Naziar Hashemi, Partner and National Head of Non Profits 
Pesh Framjee  Pesh Framjee, Partner and Global Head of Non Profits 

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