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Enabling growth: reducing people cost and risk

Brexit update

Location: San Francisco
Start Date:

24/09/2019 08:00

End Date:

24/09/2019 10:00

Services: Global Mobility
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Customers, clients and the talent pool that supports them are global. Deploying talent across borders are both business priorities and significant investments. 

What we will cover

Learn how to maximise the speed of deployment, proactively manage costs and reduce compliance risks and complexity. 

Our US and U.K. based global experts Gary Johnson and Dinesh Jangra, with 50 years of combined experience advising high growth companies and the largest multinational organisations, will guide you through the key areas to focus on. We will also provide a comprehensive update on the people and workforce impacts of Brexit.

Who should attend

The session will be essential for those managing global growth and operations, finance and HR / Reward/ Talent and Mobility professionals.


  • Gary T. Johnson, Managing Director - Global Mobility Services
  • Dinesh Jangra, Partner - Head of Global Mobility UK
  • Nupur Rishi, Director - Global Mobility Lead for Canada
  • Regional Tax Leaders


There is no cost to attend this event.

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Gary T. Johnson, Managing Director, Global Mobility Services.

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