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Brexit - where are we now?
Location: Webinar
Start Date: 08/11/2018
End Date: 08/11/2018
Services: Tax
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It was a hectic summer which has continued into autumn with almost daily headlines and speculation about the government’s preferred vision for Brexit and strategy for the negotiations. This has made it difficult for organisations to keep on top of the developments, and crucially, how any changes could impact them.

What we will cover

With less than 6 months to when the UK appears likely to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, Crowe’s team of tax specialists will explain where we are now and the timeline for what is expected to happen next in both a deal, or no-deal, scenario.

The webinar will help organisations with their contingency planning for dealing with the outcomes of Brexit. We will focus on particular aspects of:

  • International trade
    • Goods
    • Brexit planning
    • Services
    • Opportunity in the uncertainty?
    • VAT
  • Immigration and workforce planning
  • Corporate location strategy
  • So what can businesses do now?


12:30 Start

13:30 Finish


This event is free of charge.

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