State and local credits and incentives

State and local tax credits & incentives

Capitalize on state and local incentives

Businesses that maximize city and state incentives can improve their return on investment and enhance shareholder value. Crowe can help you identify these incremental tax advantages to support the strategic business direction of your organization.

Crowe tax professionals help you:

  • Achieve savings on planned acquisitions, facility consolidations, business expansions, business contractions, equipment rebuilds, employee expansions, research and development, and green initiatives
  • Discover cost-reduction opportunities surrounding location costs, government incentives, alternatives to traditional financing, construction cost containment, and credits and incentives
  • Identify annual statutory tax credits

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Our services go beyond implementation. Working together, we can help you stay in compliance with state and local incentive package requirements well into the future. Contact Crowe today.
Jon Cesaretti
Principal, SALT Credits and Incentives Services Leader