Falling behind on net interest margin comes at a high cost. 

In a turbulent economy that brings decreases in loan originations and instability for depositors, banks have to keep a close eye on their net interest margin. If they don’t, they could face a major earnings and capital crunch. 

Crowe specialized services, backed by our innovative data science and technology platforms and financial services expertise, can help organizations like yours optimize net interest margin and drive continued profitability, while balancing your risks, including liquidity, capital, and credit.

Maintaining a healthy net interest margin can be challenging in today’s environment. 

With extremely low interest rates, stressed credit portfolios, and little movement in new accounts, strong profitability is a tough proposition for most banks right now. 

Today’s challenge: Find new, unconventional ways to boost your bottom line. 

Our financial services specialists can work with you to figure out how to optimize your net interest margin in a difficult market, including funding strategies, pricing strategies, derivative options, or balance sheet leveraging. 

Get a more complete view of net interest margin – and strategies for optimization. 

Having solid, up-to-date net interest margin data can help you figure out the best way forward for your bank. 

Armed with the right information, we can help you decide which approaches might work for you. This can involve choosing the correct products to push to the market, determining optimal product prices, streamlining branches, and cross-selling to customers.

We also can help your bank’s line-of-business leaders understand their role in strengthening net interest margin and what actions they need to take. 

A better approach to net interest margin. 

Our services can help improve your understanding of product profitability in a CECL environment, as well as deposit price sensitivity. 

Focus on profitability
Target the best products for making money on a risk-adjusted basis.
Focus on profitability
Capital enhancement
Increase the returns on capital you set aside for lending.
Capital enhancement
Credit management improvements
Reveal which loans will inherently be your best performers based on profitability and risk.
Credit management improvements
Pricing discipline
Appropriately price various loans to account for risk.
Pricing discipline

We can help your bank go beyond number-crunching and optimize net interest margin. 

Don’t just get a better view of net interest margin. Use that information to make your bank’s operations more profitable. 

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