Legal Assistance

Discover the importance of legal assistance in company’s operations!

Anticipation, legal settlement or registration of commercial initiatives, with Crowe Romania.

The legal support offered to a company is effective only when a general assessment of the legal challenges that may arise is made.

The legal assistance provided by Crowe Romania comes in addition to our consulting services so that our clients benefit from full legal and tax support. The company’s policy aims to a constant interaction between all departments of the company, to guarantee customer service at the highest level. Solutions delivered by lawyers are the result of intense collaboration with accountancy and taxation specialists, so that any challenge is effectively addressed and promptly resolved. We are proud of the professional relations developed with our customers over the years and the complete service we delivered.

We have developed the concept of "intelligent legal advice", in response to legislative requirements imposed on companies of all kinds. We know the current legislation both nationally and internationally, and we are alongside our customers, wherever they operate. We pay special attention to major transactions such as M & A, real estate transactions, and commercial contracts, where additional services such as Due Dilligence analyzes are needed.


Commercial Law Solutions

The expertise of our lawyers extends even to the regulations targeting the current commercial legislation. They are certified to verify the terms of commercial contracts, providing assistance to both national and international companies so they are able to operate in optimal parameters.

Corporate Law

The life of a company evolves in a similar way to that of a natural person, and each stage must be followed with care and precision. The role of Crowe Romania specialists is to provide all the support these companies need in the process of growth, transformation, M & A and, eventually, liquidation.

  Real Estate

The thorough training of our real estate team is demonstrated by the achievements in complex real estate transactions. This is the reason we offer the necessary support so that every client can benefit from all the opportunities that arise in this field, from specialized consultancy and negotiation, to the preparation of financing documentation and the drafting of sales and purchasing agreements.

  Legal Due Diligence

With a significant experience in Legal Due Diligence, our lawyers identify the sensitive points of the transaction and develop the best strategy based on an analysis of all the elements involved. Understanding your stake, choosing the right moment and carefully managing your risk turns a simple action into a successful transaction for Crowe Romania’s customers.

Labor Law

We assist companies in all relations with their own staff and their collaborators, from the employment phase to the negotiation of collective agreements, from the calculation of wages to the necessary records made at the competent institutions.

Our international dimension brings added value to the local services we offer to companies with detached staff in Romania, guiding expatriates on all legal issues related to their work.

 M&A Assistance (mergers and acquisitions)

Processes involving mergers or acquisitions are often complex actions requiring strong expertise, all the more so as there is the possibility of emerging different cross-border elements that make the process more difficult.

The results achieved over time by our consultants and the international experience guarantee our customers high professionalism throughout the process to achieve their goals and have control over the transaction.


Competition law offer companies the ability to act independently of each other, but under the competitive pressure applied by others. In this respect, Crowe Horwath Romania's lawyers offer customers all the resources needed to develop on the Romanian market, but also internationally, respecting legal rquirements.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a sensitive area and any action can generate major legal challenges. In order to prevent such situations, the team of lawyers specialized in intellectual property provides support for the registration and protection of intellectual property, providing support throughout the entire process.