Discover how to expand your business internationally!

Integrated support at an international level, available resources and global presence through Crowe Romania

Expanding operational horizons generates a constant need for companies to adapt especially to the legal obligations and dynamism of the market in which they operate. Crowe Romania provides assistance to organizations that plan international business interaction through a wide range of services to efficiently manage the entire development process.

      For over 20 years, our team of professionals has enjoyed remarkable success in building strategies adjusted to the desire to internationalize companies.

The offices in Bucharest, Cluj - Napoca and Timisoara provide the following services:

• Assistance for the creation of production units and joint ventures;

• News and publications on sectoral opportunities;

• Organization of economic missions, especially B2B meetings - in order to strengthen long-term business relationships;

• Participation at the most important local fairs and exhibitions;

• Support for the creation of strategic partnerships and facilitation of contacts with authorities, institutions and public administration.

• Legislative seminars, debating events and informing company specialists about the latest practical aspects in the areas of interest.