IWD 2021

Crowe Pakistan Celebrates International Women's Day 2021


IWD 2021
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Women's Day is celebrated globally on 8 March every year in honor of their remarkable contribution to our society. The day also commemorates the inspiring role of women around the world to secure women's rights and build more equitable societies. International Women’s Day honors the women who have paved the path towards our progress and struggled to take ‘womanhood’ to a level where it is now. Unfortunately, at the same time, the day is a reminder of the discrimination and inequality that still continues to plague our society. This special day, dedicated to women around the world, is a celebration of the great success of women across all spheres of life as well as shaping the future.

Crowe Pakistan is of the firm belief that no business can nourish unless equal opportunities given to women as of men. Similarly, no goal can be achieved until both genders equally contribute towards it. Our management decided to make this Women’s Day special for all the women working for the firm in their assigned roles. Appreciating the overall idea and understanding the significance of this day, Crowe Pakistan organized a celebration for all the women including employees and trainee students. All attendees were pretty positive about this initiative and they were of the opinion that these initiatives do play a significant role in increasing the overall motivation which definitely adds to enhanced productivity.

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