thomas paule

Thomas Paule

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

Thomas has a long-standing history with Findex, having served for almost 10 years. After graduating with a Bachelor of Business, Banking & Finance and a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Print Media, Thomas made the decision to pursue a career in the Financial Services industry. With a bold vision to transform the traditional delivery of financial service offerings,

Thomas believes that the better harnessing of technology can significantly enhance a business’ relationship with the market and prospective clients. As such, Thomas has been behind the creation of the Findex Digital division of the business, and its focus on producing products to improve both organisational efficiency and client experience. Thomas was also pivotal in leading the development of the MOVO project – the first (and only) comprehensive, fully tailored and compliant Financial Advice delivered entirely online. Importantly, the MOVO project landed Findex a place on the BRW’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies list at number twelve overall, and second in the Financial Services category.

Today, as Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Thomas plays an integral role in building and expanding Findex’s Marketing and Digital capabilities, and integrating these functions into all facets of the business’ operations. In his position, Thomas not only heads up the digital growth strategy for the business, but leads the group’s marketing function, encompassing its brand, communications, events, sales and public relations activities. His passion for technology and innovation has, and continues to, pave the way for Findex to remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry.