Crowe releases the Crowe Pandemic Response app

Free pandemic response app helps organizations harness data, make critical decisions

Crowe releases the Crowe Pandemic Response app

Crowe releases the Crowe Pandemic Response app

CHICAGO (March 30, 2020) – The coronavirus pandemic has brought sweeping changes in a short period of time to businesses around the world. Organizations are tasked with managing risk and compliance across multiple jurisdictions while simultaneously protecting their workforce. In response to the emerging reality that most organizations need better data and tools for an efficient COVID-19 response effort, Crowe LLP, a public accounting, consulting and technology firm with offices around the world, has released the free Crowe Pandemic Response app to help during this unprecedented time. The app is augmented with data visualization using Tableau. Organizations do not need to be existing Tableau customers to use the free app.

The Crowe Pandemic Response app aggregates external data, including government mandates, closures, virus cases and more, and correlates it with an organization’s internal data, such as employees, vendors, customers, products and facilities. This tool centralizes the data executives need to identify emerging risks, adapt business initiatives and, most importantly, care for their employees.

“In a pandemic event of this scale, even the most equipped organizations may lack the data and tools needed for an efficient response plan,” said Gayle Woodbury, managing director in consulting services at Crowe. “Here at Crowe, we’ve been working around the clock to develop an app that centralizes data, decisions and actions all in one tool, so executives can keep their focus where it matters most during this critical time – on their business and on their people.”

The Crowe Pandemic Response app is evolving to meet emerging needs. Its current features include:

Jurisdiction management and mandate tracking:

  • Mandates – Track closures, shelter-in-place directives, economic actions, policy changes and other mandates and orders across various jurisdictions.
  • Jurisdictions – Track relevant jurisdictions’ total and active cases, recoveries, fatalities and other data needed to assess risks and make decisions regarding employees, vendors, customers and facilities. Jurisdictions can include regions, countries, states, territories, cities and counties.
  • Contacts – Identify employees, vendors, customers and other people associated with the organization that need to be tracked and supported during the outbreak.
  • Exposure tracking – Track exposure sites and contact tracing for people known to have possible exposure.

Personnel support and special authorizations:

  • Personnel self-assessment – Survey employees to gather relevant data including location, remote office needs, work schedule changes, safety concerns, exposure status, diagnosis status, wellness and more. Create a case and manage related actions if their answers require support or exposure tracking and management.
  • Case management – Review information and trigger the actions needed to support employees and respond to exposures. 
  • Support actions – Create and follow actions needed to support employees, including providing equipment, additional money, tangible goods, emotional support or other assistance. Track the entire workflow of an action from request, approval, delivery, and if possible, repossession from the employee, insurance, governmental programs and more.
  • Essential personnel authorizations – Manage the request, approval and communication workflow for employees or contractors that need authorization to leave their shelter-in-place location to perform essential functions. Essential employees can generate and download safe passage letters through the app.

Exposure management and contact tracing

  • Exposure management – Track exposed persons throughout their exposure or illness, and identify required exposure actions.
  • Exposure actions – Track, approve, assign and confirm actions associated with presumed or confirmed exposure, including notification, facility closure, cleaning and more.

Tableau has been instrumental in assisting Crowe by providing free functionality to app users to visualize this critical information through the Crowe Pandemic Response app. To get the app, please visit Crowe Pandemic Response app.

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