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We can advise on all taxation issues including the following:

  • Structuring

We can assist with structuring of the best investment vehicle to be used, the best jurisdiction to use in the event that your company prefers a regional intermediate holding company to own the investment in Malaysia so as to benefit from double tax treaties, advice on the most tax efficient capital structure, etc

  • Tax Compliance

We can advise on the rules relating to transfer pricing, tax compliance requirements in Malaysia, expatriate taxes, etc

  • Tax Incentives

We can advise on tax incentives such as Regional Distribution Centre (RDC), Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), Digital Hub, etc incentives that you are eligible for and assist to apply for the tax incentives with the MIDA and relevant government agencies.

  • Repatriation of Profits

We can advise on the tax implications such as withholding tax arising from the repatriation of profits via dividends, interest, royalties or services fees.

  • Indirect Tax

When you import equipment or materials into Malaysia, you are likely to encounter Sales Tax and import duties in Malaysia. We can advise on the rules relating to these taxes and how to optimize them.

  • General Tax Advice

We can advise on matters relating to tax efficiency such as tax efficient remuneration packaging, corporate structures, trading arrangements, real property gains tax and stamp duty.