Fairness Opinion

On Acquisition of Foreign Assets by Listed Company

Companies listed on Bursa Malaysia may undertake acquisition of assets or undertakings in Malaysia and outside Malaysia. Any acquisition of a significant asset or undertaking outside Malaysia would naturally be relatively more complex as compared to an acquisition of a Malaysian asset.

Issues arising from acquisition of a foreign asset may include but not limited to rationale, valuation parameters, purchase consideration, foreign tax, foreign investment policy, foreign market conditions, foreign legal framework and etc.

Due to the complexities involved, shareholders would therefore require competent advice in order for them to assess the viability and feasibility of the proposed acquisition of a significant foreign asset. In this regard, as required by Bursa Malaysia, the listed company has to appoint an independent and competent advisor to provide a fairness opinion on the proposed acquisition of the foreign asset.

We have been approved by Bursa Malaysia as an independent and competent advisor, and we have provided fairness opinions for listed companies undertaking the acquisition of significant foreign assets.

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