Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Corporate Recovery

We have extensive experience in providing these services to private and government related entities. Our experience dates back to the Asian Financial Crisis in year 1997 when Danaharta was established to assist the managing and rehabilitating of financially troubled companies.

Corporate recovery services are necessary when companies or projects such as property projects are in distress and need a combination of the following for future survival:

  • Sale of assets of the company or project
  • White knights for a rescue
  • A restructuring of its capital structure
  • A turnaround plan or
  • A workout solution with creditors and investors

Corporate Insolvency

We have extensive experience in the area of insolvency services by acting as receivers, managers and liquidators for insolvency exercises to companies, banks and the Danaharta over the last 20+ years.

A company may wish to undergo a corporate rescue scheme, a judicial management exercise or corporate voluntary arrangement, if it has a viable business but encounters a temporary financial crisis such that it is unable to pay its debts. However, when corporate rescue efforts fail, the company may have to be wound up either voluntarily by the members of the company or creditors, involuntarily by creditors or involuntarily via a court order.

In these situations, a liquidator has to be appointed to manage the process. Banks may also place corporate borrowers into receivership if the borrower is unable to repay any loans taken.

Managing Insolvency in Malaysia

Corporate Rescue Schemes, Liquidation and Receiverships

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