Export Cargo

Outbound Investment Services

Business is global and many Malaysian businessmen are making forays overseas, especially to nearby countries. Such outreaches require careful planning and implementation. From the audit and tax perspectives, we can assist in the following areas:

  • Connect you to our associate offices around the world for advice and assistance on tax, audit and corporate advisory areas in the overseas countries
  • Outbound investment advice relating to Malaysian audit, tax and corporate advisory issues
  • Malaysian tax advice on tax efficient corporate structures to minimize global tax on repatriation of profits, interest, dividends, royalties, service fees and capital gains to Malaysia
  • Advice on other issues such as Malaysian transfer pricing, indirect taxes, exchange control, etc when dealing with the overseas offices or remitting funds to / from the overseas office
  • Advice on expatriate payroll, human capital administration and tax implications in Malaysia for expats seconded from Malaysia to the overseas office. Advice on these issues in the overseas country will be provided by our overseas associate office or your own overseas adviser.
  • Coordinate with other advisers for the overseas project, where necessary.

Looking for Outsourced Services?

We also provide outsourced services such as accounting, payroll, secretarial, company formation and administrative services. For details, please click below