The Real Property Companies' Conundrum

Location: Webinar
Start Date:

08/10/2021 10:30

End Date:

08/10/2021 11:30

It is common knowledge that gains arising from disposal of share investments in Malaysia are generally not subject to income tax because Malaysia does not impose income tax on capital gains. Real property gains tax is however another matter. In this regard, capital gains on disposal of share investments may be liable to real property gains tax if the shares disposed of are shares in real property companies. As a result, taxpayers often find themselves paying unnecessary penalties during the conclusion of a tax audit if the Inland Revenue Board discovers that real property gains tax has been under-declared.

One may ask, what is a real property company? How can a person know if he is investing in a real property company? Can a non-land holding company become a real property company? What happens if one does not report the gains from disposal of shares in a real property company to the Inland Revenue Board?

In this live Zoom webinar, our Tax Expert, Mervyn Ong will share the real property companies' conundrum that businesses need to be aware of. Mervyn will answer the questions submitted in advance via the Registration form and questions raised during the event if time permits.

This is a FREE webinar. Limited seats available.

Webinar: The Real Property Companies' Conundrum
8 October 2021 | Friday | 10.30am - 11.30am

Our Speaker

Mun Yew has over 17 years of tax experience which includes a 7-year stint with an international law firm dealing in corporate law, tax law and liquidation matters. Professionally, he specialises in taxation covering areas such as GST, domestic taxes, corporate restructuring, initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, employee share option scheme, expatriate tax and international tax.
Chong Mun Yew
Mun Yew Chong
Executive Director
Location: Kuala Lumpur

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