Are you meeting or exceeding today's elevated standards for risk management?

You manage a challenging array of risks on multiple fronts: strategic, operations, compliance, and reporting. Today’s stakeholders – including shareholders, customers, and employees – expect high standards. 
Internal Audit
Corporate Governance
Risk Management
Internal Audit

Our team of internal auditors with deep competencies in risks and controls will assist you in improving the overall state of internal controls and process efficiencies.

Depending on the requirements of your organization, we can design a customized value proposition to meet your needs. Our evolving internal audit services include the following:

  •    Process Improvement

  •    Regulatory Compliance

  •    Internal Audit Development

  •    Teaming/Co-sourcing

  •    Quality Assurance Review

Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance promotes effective risk management, which in turn is the key to solid compliance. As such, the standard of corporate governance practiced by organizations is increasingly linked to the level of investor confidence.

As corporate governance best practices and regulations continue to evolve and tighten, understanding the terms of the corporate governance code and creating sustainable practices have become a priority for many organizations.

Through our proprietary framework, we help organizations manage risks, identify gaps, and close these gaps for improved performance and stronger corporate governance.

  •    Corporate governance health check

  •    Board performance evaluation

  •    Policies and procedures review

Risk Management

Organization risks are evolving at a speed and complexity that traditional risk management activities are not able to anticipate and respond to. To manage the many interrelated risks in this dynamic business environment, we adopt the following Integrated Risk Management approach:

  •    Facilitate the identification and evaluation of the key risk profile of your company.
  •    Co-develop prioritized actions plans to mitigate and manage identified risks.
  •    Recommend a common framework for managing risks across your company and sharing an enterprise-wide risk appetite that is   appropriate given the existing risk management processes and infrastructure of your company.
  •    Co-develop risk management policies and procedures.
  •    Facilitate the identification of Key Risk Indicators to serve as a risk warning system.

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