Management of risks

Risk management is the most important element of the corporate management system of any company. CROWE's intelligent approach to risk management helps customers focus on areas of increased risk to ensure efficient management throughout the organization. This approach promotes not only to reduce risks, but ultimately increase capitalization.

Taking into consideration economic instability, shareholders and the company management should concentrate their efforts on the following objectives:

  • Reducing income volatility and improving the quality of business planning
  • Developing of an optimal insurance program and a more consistent risk-taking process in the frame of operational activity
  • Optimizing of corporate governance and internal control system
  • Achieving a more rational correlation between the equity funds and the borrowed funds
  • Reducing the cost of capital
  • Distributing the capital and identifying the priority investments
  • Reducing the losses.

To solve these problems, we offer a number of practical methods developed with account of individual features of the client's business:

  • Comprehensive risk assessment performed by experienced specialists in a particular industry to identify business vulnerabilities (at the corporate and operational levels).
  • Development of a full package of methodology, including risk management policies, guidance on risk identification, evaluation, control, monitoring and itemized procedures for managing individual risks.
  • Preparation and implementation of a detailed plan of activities to minimize the most significant identified risks, assessment of the risk response plan, cost-benefit analysis, creation of alternative risk control mechanisms, improvement of control procedures.
  • Development of comprehensive solutions in the sphere of risk management: corporate loss prevention system, hedging strategy, risk management in the supply chain, development of insurance programs with account of the company's risk portfolio, planning continuity and recovery from failures, maintenance and repair of the equipment with account of risks.
  • Development of cost reduction programs to optimize the risk management and internal control process (including optimization of insurance programs, equipment maintenance and repair, analysis of financial stability of counterparties, evaluation and comparative analysis of the work of risk management and internal control units).

No matter how complex your business matters are, we have the opportunities and experience to provide you with solutions. As the largest consulting company, we can help you to take decisive actions and achieve sustainable results.