Mining industry

Crowe has accumulated sufficient experience in rendering services to mining companies

The Kyrgyz Republic has significant deposits of coal and gold that form a substantial part of the economy. Mining has been ongoing in Kyrgyzstan for many years, though extensive mineral developments began only in the last three decades. 

There are minor oil resources in southern parts of the country but gold extraction continues to be the biggest contributor to the Kyrgyz economy. The biggest gold mine - Kumtor – contributes around 10% to the Kyrgyz GDP.

Kyrgyz Republic’s extractive activities are concentrated around its mining sector and specifically around gold and coal extraction. There are also deposits of other mineral resources, such as silver, copper, ferrum, mercury, fluorite, tin, tungsten, bismuth, plumbum, zinc, stibium, arsenic, molybdenum and terres rares. 

Being in the market of mining sector in Central Asia, Crowe has accumulated experience in providing services to large international mining companies, such as ZiJin Mining Group, Kaisun Enegry Group Limited Hong Kong, Kryso Resources Limited and China Nonferrous Gold Ltd.

Crowe provides comprehensive support in such areas as audit of metallurgical and mining companies, tax and legal advisory, M&A deals, establishing, closing, and reorganizing businesses.

In addition, to benefiting from extensive experience and deep industry expertise, our approach emphasizes direct partner(s) involvement in each project.