Trying Before Buying – The New, Less Risky Way to System Selection


Is your business in dire need of a new enterprise system but, truth be told, you’re uncertain you have a process that will truly lead you to the right solution – a solution you won’t regret in several months?

Has your business been kicking the ERP tires for years, yet you feel that a full understanding of the capabilities of any application and/or vendor has evaded you?

Are resource constraints of people or money making selecting a new enterprise application a challenge?

Your host, Len Netti, squares off with ERP specialist Joe Dehaai to bring you timely, valuable, and actionable information

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Joe Dehaai
Business Performance Specialist, Crowe

Joe leads Crowe Enterprise Application services serving the manufacturing industry. He has worked with companies selecting and implementing enterprise applications – or ERP – for more than 13 years and is an expert at identifying nonvalue-add processes and crafting new, game-changing approaches to solve today’s business problems.

As a solutions-driven, team-building IT leader, Joe has a proven track record of successfully implementing mid-scale ERP solutions to substantially increase revenues and grow business operations. His ability to translate strategy into reality includes leading teams through the complex processes of technology development, acquisition, deployment, integration, and operations management to high-impact actions and initiatives that have delivered strong financial results.