Is your ERP holding you back? Today’s cloud-based ERP solutions can help you transform faster

Is your ERP holding you back? Today’s cloud-based ERP solutions can help you transform faster

Likely not by choice, weighing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) investment is a major challenge on the minds of C-suite leaders today. Their typical questions include: What will be our return? What will it cost – in dollars and resource time – to replace an existing system? How disruptive will the change be to our business?  How long will it continue to provide value and stay current? Is now the right time?

True digital transformation requires a pendulum shift in mindset, processes, and operations. Businesses that dive right in will be better prepared for a future that will continue to change dramatically. This is why more leaders are turning to cloud-based ERP solutions in order to transform faster and better prepare for constant change in a digitally driven economy.

Why choose a cloud-based system?

Why choose a cloud-based system? 

Cloud-based ERP systems that run on platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Oracle NetSuite allow businesses to streamline and increase their financial and operational processes and gain greater, easier visibility across the organization. When compared to historical on-premise ERP solutions, the main differences as explained in a recent Forbes article, "3 Technologies Boosting C-Suite Performance," are that cloud-based ERP solutions:

  • Reduce the need for massive server rooms and technicians managing databases, hardware, and disaster recovery 
  • Run all core organization functions, such as finance, HR, and supply chain management, instead of multiple disparate systems
  • Provide simplified access and visibility of locations across the globe
  • Enable faster, more seamless system updates driven more so by the ERP solution provider
  • Incorporate intuitive cloud-based user interfaces and experiences that require less training
  • Cut down on time committed to implementation

A C-suite leader would likely say the ERP conversion process is easier said than done. But sometimes it’s a matter of fundamentals, such as following new regulations, for example, ASC 606, the new revenue-recognition standard, as they arise. Outdated ERP software versions or antiquated ERP systems can make businesses noncompliant and potentially vulnerable to security risk. 

What to look for in a cloud-based ERP provider

How do you know a cloud-based solution will truly work for your intricate business needs? Here are a few tips.

1. Your ERP reporting should paint the big picture with business intelligence and actionable insights.

Many C-suite leaders say they’re looking for more out of their ERP and that it still feels too transactional. Today’s cloud ERP solutions have built-in analytics capabilities, giving CFO’s real-time insights all from a singular ERP platform. The right ERP solution provider should help you unlock its full potential.
Your ERP reporting should paint the big picture with business intelligence and actionable insights.
Make sure it serves your intricate business needs.

2. Make sure it serves your intricate business needs.

The power of cloud-based services is enhanced through industry-specific solutions. Think about the complexities of your industry. Now think about the complexity of your own internal processes and departments. For any entity that enters into a lease, for example, the accounting standards changes alone require a new look at procedures, data, and systems across a multitude of departments all to achieve compliance.

3. Understand how risk is mitigated.

Be aware of the risks of cloud computing and choose an experienced, comprehensive outsourced provider. As Josh Cole, Crowe consulting managing principal, says in the Forbes article, 3 Technologies Boosting C-Suite Performance, “Your entire third-party relationships and staffing models in and around the cloud are critical changes. Typically, you’re finding yourself in a position of outsourced support. There is a new set of rules to live by, whether securing or enhancing a cloud solution.”
Understand how risk is mitigated.

Take your ERP to the cloud

Work with an ERP provider who will break through the noise and carefully address your needs as your trusted strategic Microsoft and NetSuite ERP platform and services resource.
Microsoft ERP solutions

Microsoft ERP solutions

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we implement, consult, and create apps to meet specific industry needs. We get involved, listen, and dig deep to understand what you need for the long term.

Netsuite solutions

NetSuite ERP solutions

With our deep technology experience and industry expertise, we help companies innovate faster with NetSuite, a leading cloud-based business application platform. We provide new product apps with the highest level of ongoing support expected, from implementation to optimization.

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