RCA Users Move Toward Greater Insight With Charge-Level Detail Implementation

Crowe RCA’s unparalleled insight into net revenue has become even more precise with the integration of charge-level detail from the patient accounting system, allowing for exciting expanded reporting capabilities. The Crowe RCA Charge File incorporates these additional fields in the database for enhanced reporting and analysis:

Department code
CDM code
CDM description

Modifiers (limited to four)
Provided RVU
Place of service
Carrier number
Locality number

Account number
Post date
Total charges
Revenue code
Rendering NPI
Attending NPI
Referring NPI
Billing provider NPI

These fields meet specific needs for both the physician and hospital billing environments, including the need to reconcile gross patient service revenue. They will be extremely valuable for many facets of net revenue reporting, supplying data that will offer the ability to generate service-level net revenue analysis and pricing impact analysis, understand prior-period adjustments with greater precision, and make more accurate midmonth projections. The tool also has the potential to be used for expanded budget reporting, increased clinical revenue management opportunities, and additional key performance indicators, benchmarks, and physician production analytics.

The Crowe RCA Charge File is available for physician billing as of the RCA 2016 version and for hospital billing as of the RCA 2017 version. For more information on the Crowe RCA Charge File, please contact Andrew Holloway.