New Functionality – Crowe RCA for Physicians

Crowe RCA for Physicians allows users to harness data from their organizations’ physician groups, specialty practices, and clinics to more precisely calculate reserves and estimate net revenue. With Crowe RCA for Physicians users are able to:
  • Obtain patient charge-level accounting data at either the invoice or claim level, or the lower charge level, for more precise reserve setting and reporting by specialty or by physician
  • Set reporting levels to capture data at the corporate level or for multiple clinics, groups of clinics, or specialty practices
  • Incorporate “out of model” adjustments, which can be allocated down to the clinic level
  • More accurately predict monthly net revenue for comparison to budget and prior periods
  • Meet the new revenue recognition standards required under Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 606
Crowe RCA for Physicians now accepts charge-level detail from physician billing systems and includes new mapping tables and administration pages to organize this level of detail. With this information, Crowe RCA for Physicians has the following new functionality.
  • Physician net revenue. This report shows accrual-based net revenue at the physician level, including a breakout of current-period net revenue and change in prior estimates.
exhibit 1
  • Work relative value unit (wRVU) reporting. This report displays provider statistics including the clinical full-time equivalency (FTE), cash collected in the period, number of procedures, gross revenue per wRVU, net revenue per wRVU, cash per wRVU, and wRVU by procedure.
exhibit 2
  • Revenue lag. With this report, users can monitor late charges by facility and are able to drill through to the related provider detail. Actual late charges are shown according to how users define their lag. Users will have the ability to filter data based on facility, period end date, and lag days from which actual late charges will be measured.
exhibit 3
  • Revenue lag matrix. This report returns a matrix of facility revenue based on posting month and month of service. Columns represent revenue posted in the period labeled, and rows represent the month in which services were rendered. The report averages the total revenue rendered over the trailing six months for comparison to the revenue rendered and posted in the current month.
exhibit 4
The Crowe RCA Charge File is available for physician billing as of the RCA 2016 version and for hospital billing as of the RCA 2017 version. For more information on the Crowe RCA Charge File, please contact Andrew Holloway