6 benefits of an ERP system for wholesale distributors

Adnan Patel
| 1/6/2021
6 Benefits of an ERP system for wholesale distributors

An ERP system means much more than an upgraded financial system.

For wholesale distributors, it creates the backbone of automation.

In our multiple implementations of NetSuite for wholesale distributors, we’ve seen how an ERP system is the foundation for growth. We’ve already built the solutions for many of the problems facing these businesses so we can implement them quickly and easily. Here are six key benefits of ERP we’ve noticed as wholesale distributors begin using NetSuite.

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Your business challenges are unique, so an out-of-the box ERP system may not meet all the difficulties you face. Crowe has created solutions for wholesale distributors like automated customer notifications, the ability to automatically create transactions to identify products destroyed in customs testing, and future-order automation.  

We aim for a 100-day implementation so you can begin to expand your business fast. This elevates your financial management, expands your project management, and accelerates your financial planning, allowing you to dominate with fully integrated business insights.  


NetSuite offers excellent ERP software for wholesale distribution because it gives you the ability to automate your warehouse. From picking, to packing, to shipping, you’ll be able to minimize manual data entry and limit human error. This gives you a more accurate picture of your inventory.  


You can also automate consumer notifications like invoices or warning information for packages.  

With automatic inventory transfers, you can use a predefined framework to transfer inventory between facilities.  


It’s important to know exactly how much of a specific good you have, and how much you’ll need. With inventory management all in one place, you won’t waste time switching between platforms to track your inventory.  

Another benefit of an ERP system for your organization is that you can track your items by location. If certain products are only shipped from one location, you can update the header, and all future orders of the product will automatically be pulled from that location.

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We’ve got an implementation model for every need. And when you need continued NetSuite support, you'll still be talking to the same Crowe team you started with.  

NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite consulting services


The best ERP software for wholesale distributors will allow you to optimize your revenue because you’ll save time, have a more accurate picture of your inventory, and be more efficient.  

Having one reliable system through every step of the process, from order placement, to fulfillment, to delivery, to invoicing, creates multiple opportunities for new product lines and other revenue streams.


NetSuite offers all the benefits of an ERP system in the cloud, meaning you can access and update from anywhere. This can make your business more efficient and accurate, significantly decreasing shipping delays and backorders. Because your system will be automated, when you do have a delay, your response is automated so you can get your product out as fast as possible.  


Your CRM, marketing, order and supply chain management, and financials are also in the cloud. And with Crowe setting up your NetSuite ERP software for wholesale distributors, you’ll have support when you need it.


Every company is different, so customizing how you see all the working parts of your organization is important. Get reminders, performance indicators, billing and accounts payable, and detailed analytics all at a glance. You can also sort by vendor, customer, and transaction type, so your financial data will always be accurate and you can reliably foresee your business’s financial future.

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