4 benefits of ERP systems for metals building products companies

Tony Barnes
| 2/15/2023
4 benefits of ERP for metals building products companies

At some point in a business’s growth, the work becomes about more than simply offering quality metals building products – it’s also about customer relationships, sales, project and data management, advanced logistics, planning, and finances. It can be overwhelming to keep up with it all, especially when expertise lies in metals building products – not business applications and systems.

Up to this point, metals building products leaders have found ways to piece together disparate systems and manual spreadsheets to manage their business needs. But without a solution that can efficiently manage every aspect of the business in one application, the risks of customer dissatisfaction, reporting errors, and costly inefficiencies become greater.

From coil, sheet, plate, and long product processing to complex fabrication and assembly, metals building products companies can manage the unique combination of process and discrete manufacturing in a single, end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Following are four benefits of implementing an ERP system tailored to the specific needs of the metals industry.

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1. Enhance customer experience

In today’s day and age, customers expect digital visibility into the entire order process. Having a portal where customers easily can log in, see updates, and interact with their orders is key to creating a better customer experience.

An ERP system allows metals building products businesses to create a customer interface where customers can view sales orders, packing slips, delivery status, invoices, material test reports, and other information related to their orders. When customers can access information on their own, customer service and sales representatives can focus on other tasks, like expanding the existing customer relationship or developing new business.

2. Track projects and budgets in real time

It’s nearly impossible to track timelines and spending for each project when using multiple disconnected systems. Manually pulling numbers, making phone calls, and tracking down information can be time-consuming and costly.

Having an ERP system that enables metals building products companies to put data in one place helps create the accessibility and transparency that’s needed. Users can create project timelines that can be shared with customers and subprojects that help workers track progress as different tasks are completed. At the same time, having a single system allows information about item consumption, production orders, purchase requisitions and orders, invoices, project contracts, and financial reporting to be simultaneously updated as the project progresses.

When metals building products companies can see the status of a project, they’re able to make necessary adjustments and create more accurate estimations.

3. Empower field workers

A disconnect between dispatchers and field workers can lead to inefficiencies, lag time, and painful missed sales opportunities. Having a cloud-based ERP system offers teams the functionality to communicate remotely and effectively.

Dispatchers can create service orders, assign field workers to each one based on availability, and include details about the job, specific instructions from customers, and other necessary information. Field workers can track their time and material usage and can even sell items from their work trucks in an effort to upsell while on the job site. As information is shared seamlessly between dispatchers and field workers, teams are empowered to work more collaboratively and efficiently.

4. Gain a competitive advantage

In a competitive industry, metals leaders must do what it takes to stay ahead. Industries across the globe are pursuing digital transformation and using technology as a cornerstone for growth, and the metals industry is no different.

Metals building products companies can no longer afford to have multiple systems or manual processes slowing them down, deterring customers, and frustrating workers. Having an ERP system helps establish a more efficient way of doing business, offers the tools for innovation and growth, and sets businesses apart from the competition.

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