3 ways metals companies can leverage low-code technology

Dan Edwards, Kent Nielsen
| 4/17/2023
3 ways metals companies can leverage low-code technology

In the age of digital transformation and implementing new technologies to create efficiencies, enhance customer experience, and generate new business opportunities, the metals industry often finds itself between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, being too slow to adopt new technology can put metals companies at risk of falling behind. On the other hand, adopting the wrong solutions can cause metals companies to lose the time, money, and resources needed to move into the future.

Incurring such technical debt can sometimes be worse than not making any decisions at all, as it erodes trust in technology solutions among the team. The pressure to keep up while also choosing the right technology can be stressful for metals leaders. The stakes might feel high, but low-code technology solutions offer a low-barrier entry point. They’re easy to use and help metals companies leverage the power of technology without needing technical knowledge, an extensive budget, or an extended timeline.

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What is low-code development?

Think of low-code development like toy building bricks. The bricks have been designed and created to fit together perfectly. Almost anything can be built with them, and almost anyone can use them. Because low-code technology is developed in the same way, building custom solutions doesn’t require a professional developer, custom code, or the time and money typically required. Nontechnical team members can use these tools to create solutions.

When metals companies are looking to automate processes, standardize data across the company, and give customers more access to their orders, low-code application software provides the building blocks to create systems quickly and easily.

Here are three things metals companies can do with low-code technology:

1. Solve problems faster

Implementing technology often requires ample time and money to hire a professional developer and then teach employees how to use a new and complex system. When so much is invested in the process, the stakes are higher for it to succeed.

With low-code technology solutions, metals companies often can skip the custom code and expensive development and start taking advantage of the power of technology to solve problems faster.

2. Create custom solutions

Every metals company operates differently, from workflow to human resources. It’s critical for individual companies to adopt technology solutions that cater to their specific needs. Whether for analyzing data, automating processes, developing customer portals, reading invoices, or whatever else the company might need, low-code technology solutions provide the foundational building blocks needed to create a custom application.

While an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system might be the backbone of company data, a low-code technology solution like Microsoft Power Platform™ provides the tools that transfer information to the right hands, format, or workflow. It works with many other applications to maximize efficiency without implementing all-new technology.

3. Empower employees

Metals company employees often are the people who experience the day-to-day frustrations that come with outdated, manual processes. Whether they have too much to do and not enough time or must respond to unhappy customers who want more visibility into their order status, the front-line workers are the most familiar with the problems that need solving.

An easy-to-use, low-code solution empowers employees to solve problems without needing technical knowledge to do so. When employees are equipped with the right tools, the burden is lifted, and they feel more connected to their work.

Leverage the power of low-code technology

Low-code technology solutions, like toy building bricks, are only as easy to use as the instructions they come with. At Crowe, we can help make sense of the opportunity at your fingertips. Our team of specialists has decades of experience implementing software for metals companies like yours. We can help you find the right pieces to build the custom solution for your metals business.

Contact us today to learn more about how implementing a low-code technology solution like Power Platform might be the right next step for your metals company.

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