Financial Services TogetHER

sponsored by Crowe

Financial Services TogetHER, sponsored by Crowe


Joining women leaders of today and the future!

Great strides have been made in expanding women’s leadership throughout the financial services world. As we forge ahead, we can share with each other a wealth of stories, new ideas, and lessons learned.

Financial Services TogetHER, sponsored by Crowe, has provided opportunities for for women leaders to network, collaborate, and support each other’s endeavors. Additionally, we have championed women who show leadership potential in the early stages of their careers by connecting them with guidance and mentorship.


A resounding “Thank you!” to everyone who attended our Aug. 2, 2022, networking event at the Drury Lane Theatre. We’re glad you could join us for networking, story sharing, and the keynote speech on mentorship by Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA, CGMA, CISA.

We are grateful to our attendees for the enthusiasm and openness they shared. May those qualities continue to foster new insights and reveal new paths through the future.

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