Crowe cybersecurity economic risk analysis workshops

Josh Reid, Michael Lucas, Candice Moschell
Crowe Cybersecurity Economic Risk Analysis workshops
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Improve C-suite and board engagement

Prioritize information security insights.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the importance of clearly communicating cybersecurity risk to your business leaders.

Contact our specialists to ask questions or determine whether a workshop would make sense for you.** See how your team could foster more strategic and effective choices through attuned messaging.

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As cybersecurity risks escalate for pharmaceutical, medical device, and clinical diagnostic companies, you know the importance of conveying the consequences of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other incidents to the board and C-level executives. But dangers can be difficult to convey to business leaders who are not familiar with technical cybersecurity challenges.

Join our cyber risk specialists for a one-day cybersecurity economic risk analysis workshop* tailored for life sciences organizations. Using your company’s current business profile and security posture, we’ll walk through your top cyber risks and associated financial impact. You’ll gain insights into where to accept, transfer, and mitigate cyber risk across your company to minimize financial loss exposure.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a presentation to share with your team and leadership that illustrates the top cyber risks affecting your company, presented in financial terms with key considerations to decrease economic impact.

Deliver business value with enhanced cyber risk reporting.

Our cybersecurity economic risk analysis workshops use tools and industry data from more than 75 data sources and 110 cyber risk scenarios to review key decisions including:

  • Reprioritizing control mitigations in high financial risk areas
  • Identifying overspend in less critical cyber risk areas
  • Defining process and technology considerations to enable limited people resources
  • Developing risk transfer strategies and cyber insurance policy considerations
  • Determining a cybersecurity program return on investment (ROI)
  • Setting budget considerations for recession planning

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Josh Reid
Josh Reid
Principal, GRC Technology Leader
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas
Principal, Consulting
Candice Moschell

* Workshops provided at a Crowe facility or company location. Workshop requires and is subject to terms of a final signed engagement letter. Company is responsible for Crowe travel costs. Up to 10 participants. Other qualifications may apply.

** Available to qualifying companies in the life sciences industry that have an annual revenue of more than $3 billion, have either global or regional headquarters in the U.S., and can purchase services from Crowe. This offer is a remote one-hour or less consultation. No purchase necessary. No competitors or vendors. Other restrictions apply.