Year-End Tax Planning for Construction

After viewing this recording, you should be able to analyze these questions in planning for year-end taxes:

  • Should I accelerate income to pay taxes at today’s lower rates (assuming rates will go up)?
  • How should I plan for the depreciation rules of 2011, 2012, and forward (buy today or buy tomorrow)?
  • How will the new tangible asset regulations affect my business?
  • If I am organized as a pass-through entity, do I have passive owners and how will that impact my cash flow?
  • Should I review my accounting methods to manage income and expense recognition before year end?
  • Am I benefiting from permanent tax deductions available for performing certain government work?
  • Do I qualify for the research credit?
  • Is taxable income overstated by 9%? (The domestic production deduction)
  • Look back adjustments – does my company have outstanding refunds?