Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care: Lessons Learned From Year-One Audits


This session covers implications of the latest  CMS directed audits of Worksheet S-10 on future UCC DSH reimbursement for providers and will identify the impacts of recent agency rulemaking on hospital reimbursement and available remedies. This session will also examine focus areas of the CMS, MACs and subcontractors for purposes of identifying potential risk.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Review results of recent S-10 audits for important reimbursement and compliance issues that might be of concern to your hospital 
  2. Recognize important provisions of the FY 2020 IPPS final rule as they relate to uncompensated care reporting and reimbursement 
  3. Assess how new changes might affect your hospital

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