What’s Next for Healthcare M&A Activities

| 12/6/2017

In early 2017 Capital One’s annual M&A activities survey of the healthcare sector, which sampled more than 450 executives, cited 38 percent of respondents reporting that their growth plans were going to be driven by mergers and acquisitions. The truth of this survey is shown in the number and scale of activities seen year to date and on the horizon (see a review of 35 notable recent engagements). Understanding the landscape and being able to maximize the timing of such deals is critical to success. During this webinar we’ll explore the trends that have shaped the market over the past 24 months as well as what drivers are shaping the road ahead. The session will examine deals from the seller side as well as the buyer side to recognize current motivations, due diligence considerations of importance, and integration opportunities and pitfalls to avoid.

As a result of listening this session, you should be able to:

  • Describe the current healthcare M&A landscape
  • Recognize current motivations of both sellers and buyers in the healthcare arena
  • Articulate key due diligence considerations related to healthcare deals
  • Identify integration opportunities and potential issues

To meet the growing demand for healthcare services, organizations are looking to expand their reach, and in many cases, the only way to grow fast enough is to develop strategic mergers or acquisitions. Join us to explore where the market is going and how you can help maximize your efforts in the healthcare space.

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