Virtual Symposium Closing Keynote: Hot Tech Topics and Emerging Themes for Healthcare Leaders

2019 Crowe Healthcare Virtual Symposium

| 3/8/2019

Change is constant for today‚Äôs healthcare leaders and knowing where to spend time and resources is growing more difficult to determine. During this panel discussion, we will breakdown key technology areas of focus that are rising to the top for many organizations. We will also explore how these technologies are making a difference and what impact they are predicted to have on operation and patient care in the future.  

By viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to: 

  • Assess the impact of data analytics, next-generation AI, and their impact on KPIs
  • Articulate the coming influence and changes being driven by blockchain on information management within healthcare
  • Describe key integration points between machine learning and day-to-day business operations

Find out how leading healthcare providers are determining where to allocate resources, time, and which technologies will make the biggest difference to their operations and the quality of patient care.

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