Virtual Symposium: The Road to an Autonomous Hospital Business Office

2019 Crowe Healthcare Virtual Symposium

| 3/8/2019

What would it look like if your front, middle, and back office operations were run with technology aided by humans, instead of humans aided by technology? As our ability to manage information and allow systems to manage operations grows, such as self-driving cars, the idea of an autonomous revenue cycle continues to take shape. So what role is AI currently playing in leading organizations and what areas of the business are primed to yield the biggest benefit and return on investment?     

By viewing this on-demand session, you should be able to:

  • Identify areas of focus for enhanced operations through AI and machine learning
  • Discuss what key skills will be needed in the future to manage these systems
  • Describe the benefits expected of an integrated operations system managed by humans and powered by AI

The adoption of computer-aided systems is driving change across the healthcare sector, and the pace of integration will only speed up. Are your team and your strategic plans ready for what is next?

Presented by:
Brian Sanderson, Crowe 

Guest panelists:  
Bradley Tinnermon, Banner Health
Eric Rincones, Texas Health
Scott Williams, Duke

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