Understanding Drivers for M&A Success and Effective Handoff

Understanding Drivers for M&A Success and Effective Handoff to Integration Webinar Understand Operational Drivers for M&A Success As companies seek acquisition targets, a thorough due diligence and integration plan that includes operations will help uncover the obstacles to success. In this webinar, we will share:
  • Examples of short-term, cost-cutting strategies of a target company that can affect long-term financials;
  • Top warning signs indicating that IT due diligence is needed;
  • Typical operational risks and opportunities discovered during due diligence;
  • Critical components of a rapid approach that realizes benefits in the first 100 days;
  • Essential success factors and lessons learned during mergers and acquisitions integration; and
  • Practical tools and best practices to apply across all functional areas for a more effective post-acquisition integration.
Presented by Crowe and M&A Leadership Council