Connecting the Dots on Uncompensated Care Reporting

| 6/12/2018

Uncompensated care is a growing risk to institutions, and this webinar will cover implications of Medicare uncompensated care reporting and the connections to Medicare cost reporting, revenue cycle, 501r, Schedule H, and revenue recognition. Learn how to leverage different sources of information to meet reporting and reimbursement needs related to uncompensated care cost. This session explores strategies in reporting S-10, DSH data, and Medicare bad debts for proper reporting and reimbursement of uncompensated care.

This recording can help you:

  • Explain the regulatory/policy history and evolving legal framework surrounding uncompensated care reporting
  • Consider the implications of requirements for 501r, Schedule H reporting, and the new revenue recognition standard
  • Examine high-impact reimbursement areas of uncompensated care cost reimbursement in the cost report
  • Explore the key drivers of Medicare reimbursement for Uncompensated Care
  • Identify the challenges and pitfalls of existing approaches to accessing required data
  • Recognize the benefits of leveraging technology to enhance compliance and reduce risks