The Payoff of Adding Deeper Intelligence to Each Stage of the Deal

The value of an M&A deal can be enhanced – or diminished – during any stage of the deal life cycle.


More than half of the respondents to a survey conducted by Crowe said that their organizations did not achieve the desired rate of return on completed M&A deals.


Sometimes the problem is not a lack of information but rather a lack of an effective and consistent process, with defined accountability and controls, for capturing and acting on insights. Organizations experience intellectual gridlock by becoming bogged down with models and presentations while taking action without the right tools to manage the process.


An M&A playbook, with defined stage gates across the deal’s life cycle, supported by tools and controls to facilitate execution, incorporates best practices to maximize the probability of achieving the expected benefits from deals.


This presentation describes the common principles that, when weak or absent, can derail a deal. It offers suggestions for applying best practices throughout the M&A life cycle for helping to promote that a deal creates value.