The Global Corporate Advisor – April 2015

Global Corporate Advisor
Welcome to the April issue of The Global Corporate Advisor. After witnessing another difficult year in 2014, with the value of completed global deals in the mining sector hitting a 10-year low, the industry is pinning its hopes on a turnaround in 2015. From our Perth office, our colleague says that while few would be so bold as to predict a rapid rebound in M&A deal activity, we can at least expect to see some turning of the tides. In Kuwait, direct investment is expected to pick-up following the introduction of the Direct Investement Law. The new law appears to have addressed the flaws inherent in the repealed FDI Law of 2001 and makes it much easier for investors to obtain a license. From London, we have a viewpoint on raising funds on the city's capital markets for natural resources companies. In recent times this has been extrmely difficult, bordering on the impossible. The article discusses two types of tax incentivised schemes, which are now available to both UK and international operating companies.