The Complexities of Carve-Out Transactions (Webinar Presentation)

A carve-out transaction involves only a portion of an existing business entity and is attractive for both the buyer and the seller. A buyer may see potential for a strategic fit in an underperforming asset that a seller is looking to divest. It may seem like a perfect match, but there are many complexities involved in a carve-out transaction. Such transactions present unique challenges that must be addressed in order to achieve maximum transaction value. In this webinar, we discuss these challenges and address specific financial, human resource (HR), and structural considerations including:

  • Managing issues of disconnecting key functions and processes, especially during a long transition time
  • Understanding the financial implications of assessing potential EBITDA or quality-of-earnings issues as well as carve-out transaction accounting issues
  • Addressing four critical areas relating to leadership and talent management, organizational culture and communication, legacy programs and costs, and HR infrastructure