Tax Risk Check Up (Webinar Presentation)

Even on a good day, the healthcare landscape associated with tax requirements and obligations is complex. Add the changing regulatory environment of recent years, and it can be downright exhausting to determine where tax directors and staff should be allocating their time and resources. This session will explore what successful healthcare tax leaders have at the tops of their priority work lists in 2017. Participants will hear from peers in the industry at Mercy Health and SSM Health about how they are assessing their risks and meeting obligations in the following areas:

  • Alternative investments – strategic decisions; required filings; best practices
  • Operational investments/joint ventures – unrelated business income; private inurement/benefit; organizational preferences
  • Sales tax – managing filings; identifying risks systemwide
  • Challenges in maintaining Section 501(r) compliance – strategies to remain compliant; impact of training new employees on established processes; proving compliance

Real estate tax exemption – managing a systemwide real estate portfolio; initial exemption on newly acquired properties; own or lease considerationsThe responsibilities of tax leaders in the healthcare arena can be very broad. The shifting priorities of the organization along with the changing regulatory landscape make keeping up challenging. Join us for a healthcare tax risk checkup and see how your priorities and plans align with those of industry experts.