Sustainability Reporting – Essentials for the Senior Management Team

Organizations today face demands from a diverse variety of stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and others. Balancing these demands will always be a challenge for senior management teams but with the emergence of sustainability reporting, we now have tools available to understand these demands, tie sustainability reporting into our strategies and monitor our performance.

This webinar will explain sustainability reporting from a senior management perspective, explain the current context and provide practical action items for senior management teams to consider today.

As a result of participating in this session, you should be able to:

  • Understand the current state of sustainability reporting and drivers for sustainability reporting.
  • Navigate across different standards applicable to sustainability reporting.
  • Understand the implications (business case) for organizations in today’s environment.
  • Develop a practical action plan, as sustainability continues to mature and drive business strategy, culture and decision making.