Regulatory risk assessment: Deep and wide, or shallow and narrow?

Paul R. Osborne, CPA, AMLP, CAMS-Audit

Regulators have focused on risk assessments at financial service organizations for some time, but signs suggest their expectations might be changing. The typical, high-level assessment that has passed muster for a while now. However, this might not be enough to satisfy regulators going forward, as they want a more detailed risk assessment. This can be a tough pill to swallow for complex organizations since they could face issues such as decreased profitability and a lack of barriers to entry for competitors.

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Regulators expect more in today’s risk assessment

Regulators now expect more detailed risk assessment approaches from organizations. Here are some key facts you need to know:

  • Regulators seem to be reconsidering the high-level approach for organizations with $10 billion in assets. Regulators believe these organizations have many risks that go unnoticed in a high-level approach.
  • Scrutiny becomes even more detailed as individual products and services differentiate the lines of business.
  • The cost of regulatory risk assessment could increase for organizations if a more detailed regulatory risk assessment is implemented.

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Risk Assessments: Deep and Wide, or Shallow and Narrow?