Review of the DFAST Environment for Financial Institutions (Webinar Recording)

In this webinar, Michele Sullivan and Colette Wagner of Crowe Risk Consulting provide an update on governance topics relating to the implementation of requirements of Dodd-Frank Act stress testing (DFAST) for banks in the $10 billion-$50 billion asset range. The presentation will highlight regulatory hot topics as discussed in recent guidance and based on feedback to midsize banks. The presenters also will discuss the challenges posed in implementing effective second and third lines of defense and provide some practical approaches to integrating DFAST requirements into existing ERM and internal audit program.

Takeaways include helping you to:

  • Recognize regulatory areas of focus arising from the March 31, 2014, DFAST filing
  • Identify challenges for risk and internal audit functions in coping with increasing regulatory expectations
  • Develop an approach to integrating capital stress testing and model risk management effectively into your risk
Review of the DFAST Environment for Financial Institutions Webinar Pr