Day Two Keynote Session: Redefining Healthcare Organizations in the Digital Economy

| 10/24/2019

Technology is transforming sector after sector of our economy and lives today. Consumer expectations reflect their best end-to-end experiences with companies, and your organization is being judged against the likes of Amazon and Uber for convenience, speed, and options. While the services to patients offered by healthcare providers have been evolving and taking advantage of the latest technologies, the business of healthcare has remained stuck in the past. Now with disruptive players moving into the healthcare sector each day, there will be a point of no return for some organizations that have rested too long on the “way we’ve always done it.” 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  1. Recognize the new reality of today’s digital economy and what specific discussion points to address with your team and leadership to create a strategy for change 
  2. Identify how the three horizons of transformation apply to your organization today and what changes are needed to thrive in the future 
  3. Outline strengths of your organization that can be standardized, systematized, and automated

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