Quality Matters Webinar

| 2/14/2017

Achieving quality results in healthcare is an evolutionary effort driven by process, technology, and people working in concert to achieve the best results. However, quality is not something that is achieved or completed, but rather managed, enhanced, and monitored as part of the organizations way of serving patients and ultimately growing the business.

For many organizations, the number of patients, a rising demand for services, and rapidly changing technologies are leaving their teams feeling like it is all moving so fast that they cannot keep up. As healthcare professionals and leaders, it’s imperative to have a clear plan of action to engage staff, patients, family members, and payers in the mission of focused quality care.

As a result of viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the growing importance of clinical/quality issues to the overall compliance environment
  • Identify trends in clinical process reliability, based on changing regulatory requirements
  • Implement evidence-based protocols and how to evaluate those efforts with others in the industry
  • Recognize the growing importance of an effective Quality and Performance Improvement Plan

Join us for this exploration of how you can not only navigate the storm, but also improve quality and achieve the organizations goals.

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