Privacy and data protection: Building a program for today’s environment


Do you recall what was at the top of your team’s priorities before COVID-19? It’s time to recheck the list, and if privacy and data protection weren’t at the top, it should be now. With so many team members working remotely and companies needing to take emergency measures to allow access to systems remotely, personal data is at higher risk than ever before. Couple that with the upcoming finalization of regulations like CCPA and efforts by other states soon to come, if you do not have a solid strategy in place now, you need to move quickly. 

This event will dive directly into practical implementation and how-to guidance on what it takes to stand up an ethically grounded data privacy program framework that meets the requirements of today and those to come in the year ahead. 

By attending this webinar, you should be able to: 

  • Assess the impacts of current and potential future data privacy regulations on your company 
  • Communicate to executives and staff the importance of establishing and maintaining a sound consumer data privacy and protection framework 
  • Identify and rank top action items related to updating or establishing a data privacy and security framework that can respond to regulators and consumer inquires 

If you are behind in getting your privacy program off the ground or just need to do a tune-up on your current efforts, you will not want to miss this event. We’ll move quickly and provide specific next steps that will move your efforts forward to meet the changing demands of consumers and regulator

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